Detection and Analysis of Surface Urban Cool Island Using Thermal Infrared Imagery of Salatiga City, Indonesia

Bayu Elwantyo Bagus Dewantoro and Panji Mahyatar and Wafiq Nur Hayani (2020) Detection and Analysis of Surface Urban Cool Island Using Thermal Infrared Imagery of Salatiga City, Indonesia. International Journal of Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences, 17 (2). pp. 115-126. ISSN 0216-6739

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The detection and monitoring of the dynamics of urban micro-climates needs to be performed effectively, efficiently, consistently and sustainably in an effort to improve urban resilience to such phenomena. Thermal remote sensing posesses surface thermal energy detection capabilities which can be converted into surface temperatures and utilised to analyse the urban micro-climate phenomenon over large areas, short periods of time, and at low cost. This paper studies the surface urban cool island (SUCI) effect, the reverse phenomenon of the surface urban heat island (SUHI) effect, in an effort to provide cities with resistance to the urban microclimate phenomenon. The study also aims to detect urban micro-climate phenomena, and to calculate the intensity and spatial distribution of SUCI. The methods used include quantitative-descriptive analysis of remote sensing data, including LST extraction, spectral transformation, multispectral classification for land cover mapping, and statistical analysis. The results show that the urban micro-climate phenomenon in the form of SUHI in the middle of the city of Salatiga is due to the high level of building density in the area experiencing the effect, which mostly has a normal surface temperature based on the calculation of the threshold, while the relative SUCI occurs at the edge of the city. SUCI intensity in Salatiga ranges between -6.71°C and 0°C and is associated with vegetation

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Thermal Remote Sensing, Land Surface Temperature, Urban Microclimate, Surface Urban Cool Island
Subjects: Taksonomi LAPAN > Teknologi Penginderaan Jauh > Penelitian, Pengkajian, dan Pengembangan > Pemanfaatan Penginderaan Jauh > Pengolahan Data > Deteksi Parameter Geo-Bio-Fisik
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