Analysis of Scene Compatibilities for Mosaic of Landsat 8 Multi-Temporal Images Based on Radiometric Parameter

Haris Suka Dyatmika and Liana Fibriawati (2016) Analysis of Scene Compatibilities for Mosaic of Landsat 8 Multi-Temporal Images Based on Radiometric Parameter. International Journal of Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences, 13 (1). pp. 9-18. ISSN 0216-6739

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Cloud free mosaic simplified the remote sensing imagery. Multi-temporal image mosaic needed to make a cloud free mosaic i.e. in the area covered by cloud throughout year like Indonesia. One of the satellite imagery that was widely used for various purposes was Landsat 8 image due to the temporal, spatial and spectral resolution which was suitable for many utilization themes. Landsat 8 could be used for multi-temporal image mosaic of the entire region in Indonesia. Landsat 8 had 16 days temporal resolution which allowed a region (scene image) acquired in a several times one year. However, not all the acquired Landsat 8 scene was proper when used for multi-temporal mosaic. The purpose of this work was observing radiometric parameters for scene selection method so a good multi-temporal mosaic image could be generated and more efficient processing. This study analyzed the relationship between radiometric parameters from image i.e. histogram and Scattergram with scene selection for multi-temporal mosaic purposes. Histogram and Scattergram representing radiometric imagery context such as mean, standard deviation, median and mode which was displayed visually. The data used were Landsat 8 imagery with the Area of Interest (AOI) in Kalimantan and Lombok. Then the histogram and Scattergram of the image AOI was analyzed. From the histogram and Scattergram analysis could be obtained that less shift between the data’s histogram and the more Scattergram forming 45 degree angle for distribution of the data then indicated more similar to radiometric of the image

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Landsat 8, mosaic, histogram, Scattergram
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