Preliminary Results Of Low Altitude Rocketsonde Meteorological Payload Development

Asif Awaluddin and Ginaldi Ari Nugroho and RachmatSunarya and Halimurrahman (2013) Preliminary Results Of Low Altitude Rocketsonde Meteorological Payload Development. Proceedings SIPTEKGAN XVII-2013. pp. 275-280. ISSN 978-979-1458-74-0

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Preliminary results of low altitude rocketsonde meteorological payload, development for RX-100 rocket has been tested. The payload was designed based on RX-100 specification and related atmosphere region condition of RX-100 trajectory. In its test, the payload was launched using 1000 g meteorological balloon. The payload transmitter system test showed that it was reliable until 12 km altitude. While on temperature and relative humidity sensorSHT11 test, it seemed that sensor environment conditioning and its pipeline was not good enough to create good air circulation as expected, and as a result it did not have good response to atmosphere condition change compared to radiosonde data. As for the pressure sensor MPX4115AP test, despite it has close profile to radiosonde data, it still has slower response with increasing height probably due to it has only limited space inside the payload after being casted using polyurethane even though it has attached transparent pipe as a requirement for inside room placement. In this test also, the parachute has not been tested properly as the balloon just torn apart after it exploded causing the parachute did not deploy and it descended faster than expected. Therefore, the developed payload still need further improvement and test.

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