Corrosion investigations of Al–Fe-coated steels, high Cr steels, refractory metals and ceramics in lead alloys at 700 °C


Corrosion tests of several types materials were carried out in lead–bismuth eutectic and lead at 700 °C. Al–Fe-coated SUS316FR, and high Cr steels SUS430, Recloy10 and NTK04L were tested in molten lead–bismuth and Al–Fe-coated STBA26, high Cr steel STBA26, refractory metals tungsten and molybdenum and ceramics SiC and Ti3SiC2 were tested in molten lead. Oxygen concentrations were 5 × 10−6 and 4.5 × 10−7 wt.% for the molten lead–bismuth and lead, respectively. The unbalanced magnetron sputtering (UBMS) technique was adopted for the coating with targets of Al and SUS304. The results showed that a very thin oxide layer was formed on the coating layer and protected the material from corrosion attack lead alloys. On the other hand, penetration attack of lead alloys into the base of the high Cr steels was observed. The refractory metals and the ceramics exhibit high corrosion resistance to high temperature lead at 700 °C.


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