Published Online: 21 September 2018
AIP Conference Proceedings 2014, 020100 (2018);
An electron beam extraction study and the optimization of electron beam path in the Pulsed Electron Irradiator (PEI) has been conducted. The purpose of this research is to show the electron beam extraction process from the plasma surface through the grid on the emission vessel and the method of measuring the electron beam current by using the Rogowski coil as well as to obtain the relationship equation between the extracting voltage of the beam and the electron extraction current density. The grid on the emitter vessel and the foil window grid on the PEI vessel wall is separated by a distance of 38.8 cm. The size of rectangular geometry of emitter grid is 790 × 178 mm2 while the size of rectangular geometry of foil window grid is 900 × 290 mm2. The obtained relationship equation can be used to do simulate the path of the current flow electron optimum using SIMION-8 software. The optimum electron beam trajectory form in the acceleration region of the emitter vessel up to the PEI window can be obtained with parameter input; 45˚ cathode angle geometry, large extraction currents on the emitter grid of 10 A, 20 A and 30 A.
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