Portofolio “Cradle” development in CLT in English class for nursing students

Yoyok, Febrijanto and Erva, Elli Kristanti (2019) Portofolio “Cradle” development in CLT in English class for nursing students. English Education : Journal of English Teaching and Research, 4 (2): 4. pp. 123-143. ISSN 2503 – 4405

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An assessment that can be used to replace traditional items test lower-order skills and as one alternative assessment in CLT is portfolios. In portfolios, students collect assignments with specific goals that demonstrate the efforts, progress, and achievements in a particular area (e.g. mastery of English in nursing). “CRADLE” is acronym portfolios designed into 6 parts, namely Collecting, Reflecting, Assessing, Documenting, Linking, and Evaluating focusing procedures and documentation achievement in teaching English in nursing. This R&D aims to develop an assessment tool for learning English in nursing based on CLT using method of Borg and Gall's. The subjects were 2 teachers, 2 nursing experts, and 1 hospital practitioner and 45 students. The results showed that students' understanding was sufficient category with an
average score of 26.11 and the maximum score achieved by students was 32 as many as 10 students (22.2%), the majority of respondents were getting a score of 25. After intervention, the level of students’ understanding was obtained an average score of 27.22. The data analysis results of Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test was obtained p=0.020 and Z-score = -2,324. Giving intervention increased level of students’ understanding of 12 respondents (26.7%), decreasing understanding of 3 respondents (6.7%) and a constant understanding of 30 respondents (66.6%). The minimum score obtained by students after intervention was 19 and the maximum score was 36. In conclusion, it is important to increase the students’ understanding of English in nursing by maximizing students’ competency in CLT for English in nursing through alternative ssessment of portfolios CRADLE so a comprehensive picture of what students’ achievement can be built.

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