Measuring the application readiness level of AKKU online mobile attendance system using hot-fit method

-, Tawar and -, Yolanda Sabrina Salma and -, Jehanie May Macasawang (2022) Measuring the application readiness level of AKKU online mobile attendance system using hot-fit method. Engineering Science Letter, 1 (1). pp. 24-27. ISSN 2961-8924

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The rapid advancement of Information Technology (IT) has affected various aspects of our daily lives—business, education, health care, and many others. Due to this, many organizations realized the importance of integrating IT systems in their operations. To keep up with the pace of this IT technological revolution, AKKU online mobile attendance system was implemented in the Tukdana district in Indramayu Regency, a regency in the West Java province of Indonesia. However, its implementation in the said locality faced several drawbacks. Through the use of the HOT (Human, Organization, Technology) fit framework, this study tested the Application Readiness Level (ARL) of AKKU Mobile. It determined whether
the use of AKKU Mobile has positive effects on employee performance. The respondents of this research are 173 teachers from the Tukdana district. The instrument used was a questionnaire distributed after going through validity and reliability tests. The results showed that the ARL values on the human, organization, and technology dimensions were 73.19%,
78.37%, and 70.58%, respectively. The average ARL score of these three is 74% which is on the “pretty good” evaluation scale. This means that the implementation of the online attendance system was successful. However, it is still necessary to make modifications and improvements to the AKKU system based on the results of the ARL test.

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