Tinggalan Arkeologis Desa Hu'u sebagai aset pengembangan pariwisata budaya Di Kabupaten Dompu, Nusa Tenggara Barat

Purusa Mahaviranata (2006) Tinggalan Arkeologis Desa Hu'u sebagai aset pengembangan pariwisata budaya Di Kabupaten Dompu, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Forum Arkeologi, - (II). pp. 84-96. ISSN 0854-3232

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Hu'u village is one of villages in the sub-district of Hu'u which has many archeological remains to be developed as tourist destination besides the Lekey Beach. Archeological remains, such as long stone graves Pasung Garigis, an historical sites in the efforts of uniting the Nusantara archipelago. Other historical sites are Nangasia site that had been announced formally as archeological site by the Minister Of Culture and Tourism in June 2004. Other prominent archeological sites are: sitting-stone grave of So Langodu and Oi Busi, grave in the peak of Mount Doromanto, remains of Gajah Mada graveyard which is now developed as the graveyard tor the chief of the village; remains of stone chair, stone ladder which are located on the southern part of Mount Doromanto, the findings of Paleolithic stone tools in the Hu'u River and many more objects which can be developed, such as Japaneso cave site and the latest finding was the remains of Batu Temu Gelang on shore not far from the fish harbour of Hu'u Village.
It can be inferred from tho remains that have been examined that the old days society had a busy activities in this region. They settled and worshipped bymeans of their worship means, and they also introduced the burial customs. All of these archeological sites will be suitable and potential to be developeds tourist destination which is promoted in one tourist attraction package. We do hope that these sites will be teh target ofa comprehensive archeological research and they become an in promoting cultural tourism especially for the Regency of Dornpu.

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