Sumberdaya kepulauan seribu dan peranan stasiun penelitian oseanologi Pulau Pari

M. Husni, Azkab and Malikusworo, Hutomo (1986) Sumberdaya kepulauan seribu dan peranan stasiun penelitian oseanologi Pulau Pari. Oseana, IX (2): -. pp. 72-86. ISSN 0216-1877

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THE RESOURCES OF THE SERIBU ISLANDS AND THE ROLE OF THE PARI ISLAND RESEARCH STATION. The Seribu Islands as fringing reefs consisting of 108 small islands have developed since the pleistocene age before the sinking of the Sunda shelf They give a lifefull of variety to stony corals as well as other marine organisms. The coral reef ecosystem of the Seribu Islands has provided fishery and other food reseources beneficial for local people and also for a part of inhabitants in Jakarta. Besides, they are provided as a tourism area which is still developed and possess a high scientific value as well On the other hand, this ecosystem has unfortunately, suffered from several environmental stresses due to human activities ie. pollution, coral mining, uncontrolled exploitation of marine biota, and fishing by using explosives as well as poisonous chemical.
The existence of the Pan Island Research Station provided with a marine laboratory, under the Center for Oceanological Research and Development - LIPI has been enchancing the value of science and knowledge of coral reefs of the Seribu Islands. The laboratory has offered facilities for graduate and undergraduate students to do their research there. Through the research activities carried out in the laboratory, some methodologies of marine biotic inventory and marine biology as well as aquaculture techniques have been developed.
Owing to a great many benefits offered by the Seribu Islands, it is, therefore, recommanded that the necessity of good managerial planning and appropriate activity be taken in order to keep the continuity of their products. Above all, the most important step is to decrease, or if possible, to omit the environmental stresses and the management efforts need executing not only through legislation and regulation, but also by training people on the enhancing of their environmental consciousness.

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