Tpack's contribution to improving ict literacy in higher education institution: a systematic literature review

Stephanus Turibius Rahmat and Anthony A Salim and Ferdina (2022) Tpack's contribution to improving ict literacy in higher education institution: a systematic literature review. Proceeding The Second International Conference on Humanities, Education, Language and Culture (2nd ICHELAC). pp. 199-117. ISSN 2961-8258

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The research aims to describe the contribution of TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) in shaping 21st century skills, in particular: improving ICT literacy (Information, Communication, and Technology) in higher education that has been in the era of technological disruption. An era of innovation and massive change is fundamentally due to the presence of digital technology. The literature review in this article focuses on the contribution of TPACK in improving ICT literacy in higher
education. The TPACK model represents the knowledge necessary to integrate technology in learning. TPACK has components that can support the knowledge that educators must possess, namely technological knowledge (TK), content knowledge (CK), pedagogical knowledge (PK), pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), technological pedagogical knowledge (TPK), and technology content knowledge (TCK). Based on this TPACK framework, lecturers and students in utilizing technological facilities not only have access, but must be skilled in using it. In designing learning and solving pedagogical matters, lecturers should cautiously think about the potentiality of technology. The TPACK model can create a transformation in learning, especially improving ICT literacy. researchers use the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) method to identify, evaluate, and interpret research relevant to the topic of TPACK's contribution to improving ICT literacy. With that, the use of the SLR Method can systematically review and identify journals relevant to TPACK contributions while following the steps or protocols that have been established in each process. This method is complemented by research questions relevant to TPACK's contribution tocultivate the ICT literacy for higher education. The results showed that TPACK contributed positively in improving ICT literacy in higher education institutions.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: tpack; 21st century skills; ict literacy; higher education
Subjects: Social and Political Sciences > Education, Law, & Humanities
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Date Deposited: 22 Dec 2022 01:35
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