Developing english learning materials for electrical engineering students as occupational purposes

Ni Nyoman Yuliantini and Ni Made Ratminingsih and Dewa Komang Tantra (2022) Developing english learning materials for electrical engineering students as occupational purposes. Proceeding The Second International Conference on Humanities, Education, Language and Culture (2nd ICHELAC). pp. 165-172. ISSN 2961-8258

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This research was designed using the ADDIE’s model development. The subjects included experts practitioners in the electrical engineering, English language instructors, and students. The objects were focused on needs containing the topics, sub topics, and the language aspects like texts, social functions, lexicon, text structure and grammar, meaning as well. The objective of this research was to assess and analyze a need and develop job related learning materials (JRLM) for EOP. O’Donnell’s technique were deploying to assessed and analyzed the needs of EOP learning materials. An interview guide and rating scales were used to assess and analyze needs and to validate the draft and final EOP learning materials. The obtained data were analyzed descriptively and qualitatively. The research findings show that the needs learning materials for EOP topics in Electrical engineering, Electrical Circuit Elements and sub topics Active Element, Passive Element, Series and Parallel element, and the language aspects, namely descriptive and procedure text genres; text social function, namely a description and procedure, Electrical lexical items, descriptive and procedure text structures, list of denotative meanings of the words used in the text. JRLM for EOP exposed the students with content and procedural knowledge on Electrical Engineering to promote language learning.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: EOP learning materials; English electrical engineering; needs; model development
Subjects: Social and Political Sciences > Education, Law, & Humanities
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Date Deposited: 20 Dec 2022 03:33
Last Modified: 20 Dec 2022 03:33

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