Raksa (Hg)

Horas, P. Hutagalung (1985) Raksa (Hg). Oseana, X (3): -. pp. 93-105. ISSN 0216-1877

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MERCURY. Mercury is the only liquid metal at room temperature. It freezes at -38.87oC boils at 356.9oC,it's specific gravity is l3.55 and highly volatile. So far, the greatest part of naturally occuring-mercury is in the form of the sulphide (Cinnabar= HgS). Mercurybearing ores have been found on all continents, except Antarctica. It has been mined on a commercial scale in about fifty countries throughout the world. The richest source being at the mine of Almaden in Spain, that produces about 80% of the world production.
Metallic mercury and it's compound could be used for several purpose, e.g. barometers, thermometers, industrial activity, agriculture and pharmacy. But they are also very toxic to animals and man, and are able to cause kidney, liver and brain damage.

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