Comparison of leaf anatomy on some Nepenthes. (Nepenthaceae) from highland and lowland habitat in Indonesia

N.Q. Arimy and Nisyawati and Destario Metusala (2017) Comparison of leaf anatomy on some Nepenthes. (Nepenthaceae) from highland and lowland habitat in Indonesia. AIP Conference Proceedings 2049, 020010 (2018), 1862 (030111). pp. 1-5. ISSN 978-0-7354

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Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae) is one of the unique plants with pitcher to absorb nutritional needs. This dicotyledonous plant is able to live in the lowland and highland. The difference of their habitat may influence its anatomical structures, such in leaves. This study aimed to compare the anatomy of lowland and highland Nepenthes leaves. We examined Nepenthes rafflesiana and N. mirabilis from the group of lowland Nepenthes. We also examined Nepenthes aristolochioides and N. singalana from the group of highland Nepenthes. Each species was represented by three adult leaves from 1-3 individual plants. Each leaf was made transverse section by using a hand mini microtome and the paradermal section was made by leaf screaping technique. Paradermal and the transverse section were dehydrated by using graded series of alcohol. Transverse section was stained with safranin 1 % and fastgreen 1 %, while the paradermal section with safranin 1 %. Microscopic observations were performed at Bioimaging Laboratory, Universitas Indonesia, Depok using a light microscope. The results showed there are differences in the anatomy structure between these two habitats. Highland Nepentheshas thicker and larger hypodermis than lowland Nepenthes.Cuticle layer in the highland Nepentheswas thicker than the lowland Nepenthes. Nectary gland on the highland Nepentheswas thicker and larger than the lowland Nepenthes. In addition, highland Nepenthes has bigger and fewer stomata density than the lowland Nepenthes.

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