Microstructural studies of nanocrystalline α-alumina powder produced from Al13-cluster


Nanocrystalline alumina powder was produced from calcinations of Al13-oxalate precipitates at 1100 °C. A nearly normal distribution of agglomerated alumina powder was obtained with an average particle size of about 1 μm. XRD measurement confirmed that the alumina produced was of high purity and crystalline α-phase. Microstructural features of both the precipitates and alumina obtained were studied using the small angle neutron scattering (SANS) technique. SANS examinations show the formation of microstructures in the alumina powder of mass fractals type with dimension of ∼2.8 indicative of low intra-granular porosity.


A. Ceramics
A. Electronic materials
B. Chemical synthesis
C. Neutron scattering
D. Microstructure
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