Formation of virus like particles of the dengue virus serotype 2 expressed in silkworm larvae

Utomo, Doddy Irawan Setyo and Hirono, Ichikawa and Kato, Tatsuya and Park, Enoch Y (2019) Formation of virus like particles of the dengue virus serotype 2 expressed in silkworm larvae. Molecular Biotechnology, 61. pp. 852-859.

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To explore virus-like particles formation of dengue virus serotype type 2 (DENV-2) structural proteins of, C, prM, E were expressed in silkworm larvae using recombinant Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedroviruses (BmNPV). Each recombinant BmNPV bacmid coding the 2C–prM–E polypeptide and E protein fused with the signal peptide of bombyxin from B. mori was injected into silkworm larvae. The expressed proteins were collected from hemolymph and fat body, and purifed using afnity chromatography. E protein was observed at 55 kDa. The DENV virus-like particles (DENV-LPs) with a diameter approximately 35 nm was observed using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and immunogold-labelling TEM analy sis. The binding of each partially purifed proteins to heparin, one of receptors for DENV was confrmed. DENV-LPs were secreted in silkworm larval hemolymph even still low amount, but the E protein and heparin binding function were confrmed.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Bacmid; Capsid; Dengue virus; Premembrane; Envelope; Silkworm
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