Numerical Investigation On The Fuselage Airframe of LSU 05 NG

M. Hafid and Abian Nurrohmad and Redha Akbar Ramadhan (2020) Numerical Investigation On The Fuselage Airframe of LSU 05 NG. Jurnal Teknologi Dirgantara, 18 (2). pp. 93-103. ISSN 1412-8063

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In this paper, a numerical investigation on the fuselage structure of LSU 05 NG was carried out. This fuselage is designed to carry the payload up to 25 kg. Statical numerical analysis using the finite element method has been done by using Simulia Abaqus. The fuselage structure that has been designed which consists of frame, longeron, and skin that can also be called a semi-monocoque structure. This airframe uses combination of balsa and GFRP type of composite as the material. There are three load cases,i.e. take-off condition, cruise condition, and landing condition. Tsai-hill failure criteria is used to investigate the strength of the composite structure due to the load that is applied. The maximum stress from this calculation is 49.24 MPa on the ground condition (take-off and landing) while the maximum principle stress on the cruise condition is 52.76 MPa. The maximum Tsai-hill criterion is 0.95 at the cruise condition. With such simulation results, it can be said that the fuselage structure is still safe when operated and can also be optimized for several components so that the weight of the aircraft can be reduced.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: finite element method, stress analysis, fuselage, unmanned aircraft.
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