Measurements of Antenna Performance Ratio Using Satellite Emissions

Arif Hidayat and Hidayat Gunawan and Dedi Irawadi and Alfin Hikmaturokhman (2019) Measurements of Antenna Performance Ratio Using Satellite Emissions. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovative Researches, 1367. pp. 1-6.

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Performance of the antenna is parameter in the reception of remote sensing satellite data. Gain to noise ratio becomes one of the variable conditions for satellite data transmitted from transmitters and satellite antennas to be received after power loss in a free space. Remote sensing data reception quality depends on the value of the gain to noise antenna. The Quality gain to noise determines the value of bit energy per noise received in the demodulator. The value of energy bit per noise received by a demodulator corresponds with the required energy bit per noise from modulation systems. Currently gain to noise measurements use the sun, moon, and stars by comparing the power of the transmitter with the received power in the antenna. This measurement takes a time when the antenna is full schedule. The approach in this study uses satellite power distance slant range and carrier to noise received at the receiver. Knowing the elevation angle of the satellite when it passes we can get the slant range. By using satellite transmit power parameters, free space loss, operating bandwidth, and carrier to noise in the receiver, we will find expected gain to noise antenna.The result, measurements using power satellite is success to calculate the gain to noise antenna. This newmethod makes it easier to monitor antenna availability continuously.

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