Iterative Algorithm for Construction of Electron Density Mapping Based on Beacon Satellite Observation Data

Mario Batubara and Timbul Manik and Musthofa Lathif and Peberlin Sitompul (2016) Iterative Algorithm for Construction of Electron Density Mapping Based on Beacon Satellite Observation Data. Proceedings International Seminar on Aerospace Science and Technology (ISAST) 2016. pp. 20-27.

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The observations of ionosphere layer can be observed by several ground-based equipment or satellite based. Some observation equipment procurement ionosphere layer of which requires a cost in a large amount. Therefore, one of related observation method has been developed in the last few years by the ionospheric researcher such as the use of beacon satellite signal for studying the variability of the electron density distribution in the ionosphere using the receiver system known as GRBR (GNU Radio Beacon receivers). In Indonesia, a similar receiver has been located and installed in separated parts of Indonesia such in Kototabang (0.204554S, 100.319990E), Sumedang (6.913047S, 107.837144E), Pontianak (0.003540S, 109.368398E), Yogyakarta (7.789792S, 110.363547E), Watukosek (7.563594S, 112.677585E), Manado (1.288394U, 124.913566) and Biak (6.9ºU, 107.84 ºBT). Those kind of receivers has produced some of the observational data since 2008. By utilizing the representative data and simple algebra iterative algorithm called Algebraic Reconstruction technique (ART) can produce a tomographic mapping area around the network scope of beacon satellite receiver. In this paper, will be discussed the introduction of iterative algorithm which is used to obtain ionospheric density. In closing, some example data used for the implementation of ART based on the beacon data in two different locations and the comparison value in this works raise around 1x104 and 5x104 of electron density in el/cm3 qualitatively

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