Designing One Chanel Wireless Load Cell Indicator

Effendi Dodi Arisandi and Wigati (2013) Designing One Chanel Wireless Load Cell Indicator. Proceedings SIPTEKGAN XVII-2013. pp. 313-318.

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This paper describes wireless load cell indicator design for one channel. A strain gauge (also written as strain gage) is a sensor used to measure the strain or stress of an object. In some application to measure the strain or stress of the object we need long distance such as 100 m measurements. Due to this reason we need wireless device to transmit this data of measurements. The output signal from this is sensor is very small in order microvolt and the radio transceiver also can make interference to the strain gauge signal. The main purpose in this research is how to design electronic circuit to measure the small strain gauge signal then transmit it with high resolution and low EMI. In our research design we used ADC 24 bits to read the analogue output from strain gage sensor. The method in this research is to using high resolution ADC and low EMI. We also used radio transceiver with specification of half-duplex, baud 19200 bps and the 500 m of maximum distance range with 100 mW of power. From the experiment with the calibrator input, we get that the data is not interference by the radio. The error is under 0.1%. In the future works the authors will try to design the wireless indicator load cell for more than one channel.

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