Fabrication of gold nanohybrids modified with antibody andfunctional dendrimers for targeted photothermaltheranostics

Setiawan, Herlan and Yuba, Eiji and Harada, Atsushi and Aoki, Ichio and Kono, Kenji (2020) Fabrication of gold nanohybrids modified with antibody andfunctional dendrimers for targeted photothermaltheranostics. Nano Select, 2 (4). pp. 779-790.

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Targeted theranostics can improve benefits of therapeutics or imaging probes byminimizing the dose and by selective delivery to a target site. For this study, a goldnanorod (AuNR)-based nanohybrid was designed for efficient cancer treatmentand diagnosis. The AuNR was functionalized with polyamidoamine dendrimershaving poly(ethylene glycol) and Gd-DOTA residues to provide biocompatibilityand magnetic resonance (MR) imaging properties. Furthermore, trastuzumabwas conjugated to the obtained nanohybrids to enhance the delivery perfor-mance to HER-expressing tumor cells. Fabricated nanohybrids possessed uni-form hydrodynamic diameter and showed typical surface plasmon absorption,which is useful to convert light energy to heat for photothermal therapy. Nanohy-brids exhibited T-weighted relaxation and comparable MR imaging property tothat of commercially available MR contrast reagent. In vitro experiments demon-strated that photothermal effects of nanohybrid under near infrared (NIR) irra-diation were sufficient to kill %–% of cancer cells. The combination of thetargeted nanohybrid and NIR laser irradiation strongly suppressed tumor growthand extended the survival of HER-positive SKOV tumor-bearing nude mice.Therefore, fabricated nanohybrids are promising for targeted photothermal ther-apy and imaging.

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